Filitsa Sofianou-Mullen - Prophetikon

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In this poetic journal, one can discern two exquisitely interlaced voices: the mythical and the mundane. They appear in ever-varying combinations, and the effect is that of the fugue: the repetition and multiplication of motifs leave one with the sense of unity and variety. Without being ostentatiously ornate, Sofianou-Mullen’s poems defy minimalism and, as Keats would put it, “surprise by a fine excess.”
Lubomir Terziev

Filitsa Sofianou-Mullen - Prophetikon

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Author: Filitsa Sofianou-Mullen Foreword by Lubomir Terziev Scalino, 2014 11.5 х 18.5 сm ISBN: 978-619-7043-20-4 First Edition 80 pages Prophetikon by Filitsa Sofianou-Mullen is a poetic journal of 33 pieces spread out over seven mythical days of vision and memory. In real time, the book was written in the period December 2011– April 2012. 32 of its 33 entries bear Roman numerals and tentative titles in parentheses, showing thus their connectedness to each other but also their autonomy, thematic and stylistic.

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