Greetings to Dickens 15 Christmas Stories

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"A colourful collage of Christmas short stories, each offering its valuable point of view on a holiday that has a particular meaning and signifies a specific experience to everyone. Indissolubly associated with the idea of birth and even more with that of the family. Christmas has developed its own traditions and rituals in various countries around the world. The authors in this collection of short stories show their original and sometimes modern interpretation of a holiday that still moves people, young and old alike. Its strong symbolic message continually represents a day of festivity even for non-Christians, bearing in meaning far more than just its religious character, and thus turning it into a moment of solidarity end exchanhe as well as into a moment of reflection on life itself." Lucianna Argentino

"Christmas is nothing but a snapshot in flashlight. It captures a movement in progress, taken out of daily life; it anchors down a day and brings it to th foreground. Days are like invisible cells of they are not coloured artificially. The colouring is brought by Christmas itself, an outburst of vitality in the heart of winter. It reaches out to the children, to what is left of our hopes. These stories remind us of time passing, of times spent with friends and family. With a touch of madness here and a stroke of ingenuity there, they tell us that the time has come, that the choir is rising to sing." Davide Silvestri

Greetings to Dickens. 15 Christmas Stories

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An Anthology of Short Stories This compilation and translation © Scalino OOD, 2012 Edited by Emilia Mirazchiyska English Language Editor: Allen Stevens Author of Introduction: Filitsa Sofianou-Mullen Authors: David Albahari, Iana Boukova, Soledad Cordero, Denitsa Dilova, Sara Ferraglia, Ivan P. Hall, Noémi Kiss, Lyubov Kroneva, Stoyan Nenov, Dimitris Nolas, Gloriana Orlando, Alessandra Porcu, Milen Ruskov, Zsuzsa Takács, Reynol Perez Vazquez 140 pages ISBN: 978-619-7043-02-0

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